Tuesday, 15 March 2011

How Tuesday - Resin Pendants

I am a HUGE fan of resin pendants! I just think they look fantastic! So, this week I decided to find a tutorial on making them and then in the next couple of weeks, hopefully I'll have the chance to get myself together and have a go at making some!

How to make Resin Pendants

Now, the page that I've linked to doesn't have the prettiest pictures that I've seen but the instructions are pretty thorough so I thought this was the best one of the billions I found at Cut Out and Keep.

I've also got a link for an online shop selling all the bits you need to make your pendants - When I tried to get into this before, I had real difficulty finding moulds I liked the look of, so this site is a bit of a gem in my book!
Penny Dog's Online Shop

If anyone does have a whack at this, let me know how they turned out! And I'll be sure to post here if I have the chance to make any myself! I'm quite excited :)

Monday, 14 March 2011

A little turned large-ish update :)

It seems every post I get to make on here lately is a brief apology for not posting much... and this one isn't going to be much different I'm afraid!

My final year of uni and all the work that comes with it is swamping me right now - essays, lab reports, lab work, etc! It's a nightmare... but I do love my course, haha!

On the crafty front, I've barely picked anything up in the last month (?), which is a bit rubbish really! Especially when I see fellow crafters making lots of lovely things... I have to keep reminded myself that some people do this for a living and can afford to be 110% committed to it, whereas for me, if I want to pass my degree I've got to put things down every now and then!

Buuuuut, the holidays start soon and though I've got several exams to revise for and a mountain of written work to get done, I will be making some time to do a bit of jewellery making, and hopefully some painting too! I'm also hoping to spend a weekend selling some of my jewellery in my local hospital (a strange setting, I know!). Basically, my mum is a cancer patient and has spent a lot of the last year in a hospice and I'm hoping to get lots of bits sold so I can donate my profits to them as a bit of a thank you for taking such good care of her.

So, just to round off... here's a little snippet of what I have made sort of recently!

This is one of five pairs of 925 sterling silver and amethyst earrings. Obviously, because they're made with natural stones, the patterns in each pair vary slightly. This pair are probably my favourite out of the lot, but their colour hasn't come out too vividly on a quick phone picture! The purple in them is so rich - I love them!

I'll be putting them on my Folksy shop before I go to sell them at the hospital (I'll be putting my shop on holiday mode when I do my hospital sales - if I get the chance to - and I'll update on here before I do, so as not to confuse business)... so if anyone does want a pair, keep your eyes peeled because I'll be updating my blog and shop shortly with these beauties! And I'll get a picture of all the pairs together, so people can message me if they have a preference when ordering!

I'm waffling now, so I'll round it up! I hope everyone has had a lovely day today, in the sunshine! And I hope to give you some more to read soon :)

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

And now for something completely different...

It seems, every time I promise to post more, I'm suddenly swamped with more work to do and as a consequence have even less time to blog/make/live!

So, while this isn't really a proper post, I just wanted to share a little something that I love with you.

I'm a huge, HUGE, huuuuuge ballet fan and so I want to share this video:

This is probably my favourite part of Swan Lake - the Grand pas de deux - a dance between Odile and Siegfried. It's just fantastic and the music is so moving! I love it!