Tuesday, 15 March 2011

How Tuesday - Resin Pendants

I am a HUGE fan of resin pendants! I just think they look fantastic! So, this week I decided to find a tutorial on making them and then in the next couple of weeks, hopefully I'll have the chance to get myself together and have a go at making some!

How to make Resin Pendants

Now, the page that I've linked to doesn't have the prettiest pictures that I've seen but the instructions are pretty thorough so I thought this was the best one of the billions I found at Cut Out and Keep.

I've also got a link for an online shop selling all the bits you need to make your pendants - When I tried to get into this before, I had real difficulty finding moulds I liked the look of, so this site is a bit of a gem in my book!
Penny Dog's Online Shop

If anyone does have a whack at this, let me know how they turned out! And I'll be sure to post here if I have the chance to make any myself! I'm quite excited :)

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