Sunday, 16 January 2011

Hello Readers!

Hi all,

I'm new to all this blogging stuff so I'm not really sure where to start! Maybe a little bit about me and why I decided to make jewellery could be a good start?

Well, as you've probably seen by now, I'm a Molecular Biology student who's pretty much decided to take jewellery making up as a hobby. I'm in my final year now, so for me that means long hours working in a meningitis lab then coming home to a mountain of revision and lecture notes. As I'm sure you can imagine, there are only so many hours a person can spend in a lab without going mad... so that's where it all started out.

On the verge of a breakdown from stress, I decided I needed to find some sort of hobby to give me a break from all my Uni work... As I said in my profile, I used to paint a lot but being away from home, living in a student house, I don't have a whole lot of space for that so I needed to think of something a little more compact. Eventually, I settled on making jewellery.

I think what finalised my decision was the fact that I'm allergic to nickel... For me that means, I'm a young woman with a tiny jewellery selection because I can't buy anything from Topshop or New Look or those sorts of places because virtually everything they sell is full of nickel and I can't really afford to be buying everything in silver! So, I scoured the internet to learn more about the craft and quickly ended up with a little shop on Folksy selling the pieces I've made.

So far, life's been too hectic to really promote my shop but I hope to make some more sales in 2011 and eventually make enough stock to attend a craft fair or two later in the year!

If you've made it this far, thank's so much for reading! I promise posts will get more interesting as I get more into blogging and of course once I crack on making some more little creations!


  1. I thought I'd be your 1st follower - i saw your post on the Folksy forum :) Hi!

    Carol x

  2. wow i love the necklace ur v tallented x